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HVAC Service and Repair

Heating and Air-Conditioning Equipment manufacturers universally emphasize the importance of biannual service and repair. These check-ups, carried out by licensed technicians, involve meticulous cleaning and inspection of all your heating and air-conditioning equipment to guarantee its optimal operation. It is highly recommended to schedule one service visit before the Heating Season and another before the Air-Conditioning Season. Most equipment manufacturers make these regular check-ups a requirement to uphold the warranties on compressors and heaters for the entire duration of the warranty period.
TRR HVAC service and HVAC repairs in Tulsa by Dale & Lee's

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At Dale & Lee's Service, Inc., we offer these essential services for an affordable annual fee of $146.00 for the first unit, and offer a discount for each subsequent unit at your address.

Our meticulous seasonal inspections include:
  1. Filter inspection, cleaning, or replacement as needed.
  2. Checking of refrigerant pressures.
  3. Tightening of electrical connections.
  4. Checking for proper voltage and amp draw.
  5. Belt tension assessment.
  6. Condensate drain check and cleaning.
  7. Examination of electrical controls for proper function.
  8. Outdoor coil cleaning.
  9. Checking of heating operation, including ignition controls, safety controls, and pilot performance.
  10. Lubricating motors.
  11. Thermostat calibration check.
  12. Blower check and cleaning, if needed.
  13. Comprehensive system evaluation, including a discussion with the customer regarding any special conditions.

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