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The TRR (Treatment, Repairs, and Replacements) phase is a crucial part of the homebuying process, following the TRD (Time Reference Date).

TRD marks the start of a specified timeframe during which the homebuyer can conduct inspections and investigations on the property they plan to purchase. This timeframe typically spans 10 days from the TRD date, unless stated otherwise.

What does a home inspection report entail? Once the 10-day window expires, the buyer is required to submit a TRR form to the seller. The TRR form outlines the specific treatments, repairs, and/or replacements the buyer requests the seller to undertake before finalizing the purchase. Collaboratively, the buyer and their agent will work on the TRR form, utilizing information from the home inspection report. The home inspector can provide assistance in clarifying the report and answering any queries the buyer may have. Once the form is submitted, the seller and buyer have seven days (unless specified otherwise) to negotiate and agree upon the necessary repairs.

Dale & Lee’s Service can help you TRR process by doing inspection of heating, plumbing and cooling systems of the house. Contact us to learn more about this service

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